Dynamo – locating elements in spaces

This dynamo will allow you to locate the room in which the selected elements are located. After minor changes, it will also enable you to rewrite other parameters from the spaces they are in.

Contents “Dynamo – locating elements in spaces”:

When you will use this dynamo?

When you will use this dynamo??

  • You want to set location parameter in the element by space
  • You must transfer parameter from space to element and vice versa

Script build – Dynamo – locating elements in spaces

Dynamo can be divided into three stages. Below I will describe each part so that you can adjust the script to your needs in the future.

Select elements

In the first step, the program selects all elements with a given name in our model. At this point, you will have to adjust the name to your needs.

Dynamo select all family element
Locate elements in spaces

The second step is to return a list of rooms in which the given elements are located.

Dynamo locating element in space
Parameter transfer

The last step is to rewrite the value from the room parameter to the element parameter. If you want to adjust them to your case, you should change the name of the parameter you want to change.

Dynamo - locating elements in spaces

Film how to use dynamo

Download script

If you are interested in using this script write to me! Link to all graf.

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  1. Cześć Pawel,
    I built a similar script last week but for some reason the incorrect rooms were applied to the parameter. I still havnt completed this task and would like to try your script.

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