Revit – opening for group of pipes

Creating openings for several elements requires pinpointing the location of the hole, which adds unnecessary work. With this dynamo script, the hole will adjust for you!

Below I will briefly describe the elements of the script “Revit – opening for group of pipes” so that you can adapt it to your requirements and know how it works.

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Script build – revit opening for group of pipes

Important! The script only works on one function. If the pipes/ducts pass through two (and more), they should be separated between the walls. For example, include “split” creating a creation between elements.

Revit split
Script UI

In this part, a menu is set, thanks to which it is possible to select the parameters of the model. It is worth noting that the opening is inserted in the model, but relative to the walls that are in the linked model, which should be selected in the menu.

Dynamo UI
Collision detection

At this point in the script, their common geometry is created based on the selected pipes that collide with the wall. On its basis, holes will be inserted and its dimensions will be adjusted.

Dynamo - Otworowanie grupy rur
Create openings

Knowing the center of the collision, the script places the hole family on it, giving it the appropriate dimensions.

Dynamo - Otworowanie
Część 1
Dynamo - Otworowanie rur
Część 2

Instructional video

Dynamo script download

If you are interested in using this script write to me! Link to dynamo script.

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