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How to easily verify the content of a given folder before sending it to your client? To avoid mistakes? Thanks to this application, you will be able to use a simple excel list to check if there are files in a folder that you want to be there!

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File check – program idea

The file checker will save you time checking the contents of folders. In one word, no more manual checking that all names are correct and you have all the content. When can you use it?

  1. You send documentation to the client and you don’t want a file to be missing again
  2. As a BIM manager, you care about the standard of files
  3. You need to verify the contents of your document folders

Instruction how to download program you can get here.

How program works

The operation of the file is very simple. First, you need to prepare an excel file with a list of file names that should be in a given path. You can use a ready-made template that I put in the repository. In the “A” column there are file names (with or without extensions), and on the right the program will generate answers about whether a given file is in a folder.

file list

Now close the excel file and run the file checker. The program consists of several parts:

  1. Choose the path to the folder you want to check
  2. Selection of the excel file where our list is located
  3. Start the program with the run button. We can check the option to including the file extension.
  4. After pressing the run button, we will find out if the program worked
  5. If you have more questions or want to suggest new features, please use the links.
file check

When the program executes successfully, you can open excel again. The results will appear in column “B”. In addition, in the last line you can find a list of files that were not included in the excel statement, but are physically in the folder we are checking.

list of check files

Film with program in action

Program code – File check

Full code is on GitHub. Please report any irregularities in the operation of the program that occur during use on my social accounts or account GitHub.

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