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In this post, I describe how to download my free revit addin for designers using the PyRevit extension. In case of any problems with the operation of the program, please contact me. I will help.

Download and instalation of PyRevit

If you have not yet downloaded PyRevit, the function of which I describe in this article, you will need to install it. The developer of the application himself will guide you through this process Ehsan Iran-Nejad:

Installation of my PYLAB – free revit addin for designers

First of all, you need to download the latest version of the program that you will find under this link. Then on the right in the “Releases” tab is the most current version of the program.

free revit addin for designers

After clicking on the current version v0.1, a window will open in which you can download the full version of the addin. The entire file can be downloaded in a zip package. Then, unpack the file in the folder created for this purpose (for the lazy, the desktop will be the best 😉 )


If everything has gone without errors so far, this is the last step. Open Revit, go to the PyRevit tab and select its settings. In the settings, add a folder with the PYLAB overlay using “Add folder” [1]. An example path can be seen in my point [2]. When we successfully add the folder with the overlay, save the settings with the “Save settings and reload” button [3]. Enjoy!


Few words at the end

If you have any ideas for improvements, new features or want to join the project, feel free to contact me! Please also report any bugs. The overlay was tested on Revit 2021 and 2022 versions, but other types of families or a newer version of the program may cause conflicts.

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