Blog – first year

Hi, in this post I would like to share with you what I managed to do this year and what I didn’t finish. An unpleasant confession and plans for the new year. Blog – first year.

In this post:

Blog – statistics

Hi, this post will be less technical. I want to write a short summary of my first year of blogging and work. I will start with the blog.

Picture 1. Visitors per day

So, over the year four thousand people has visited my blog. As you can see in the picture 1 most people were reading my posts at the start of my journey because I followed a few trends and I have posted a lot of content. Second wave started a few weeks ago because of my regular posting. Unfortunately, when I started blogging I overestimated my abilities. Working, studying and blogging were too much. I am pleased that, according to google analytics, more than 1/3 of visits come from the search engine. I was afraid that without posting on social media I would not have readers.

Picture 2. Source of traffic

The most read articles, apart from the home page:

  1. Shortcuts for autocad (in polish)
  2. Program to draw pipes system profile
  3. License for designing sanitary installation (in Poland if you want to design you must have licence)
Picture 3. Popular posts

In this list, I am most satisfied with the third position. I must admit that the article was created from my google keyword analysis. I found that this item is  “underused” and easy to fit into when searching. I hope that the readers of the post got useful information, especially on the occasion of the recent exam session for license for designing 😉

What would I like to improve on the blog?

What am I not satisfied with? First of all, I have created less content than I have assumed. In the minimum plans, I wanted to publish 48 posts, but only 34 succeeded. Some of them are already written and i only need to transfer them to the blog … The second thing that sticks out is the amount of readers’ “returns” to my content. Unfortunately, only 1% of readers returns to the site successively. I hope to be able to increase the quantity and quality of the materials I create, so I will offer value that you will come back for more often.The last thing I would like to improve (and it irritated me at first) is the number of users of my tools. I will not hide that, taking into account the number of visits, I was counting on greater interest in the programs that i offered.Unfortunately, we live in times where even if something is free, you have to promote it … This is also the goal for the next year.

Picture 4. The rate of users’ return to the portal

This will end my digressions on the blog topic, because going into too much detail will unnecessarily lengthen the article. If you are interested in what my results look like in a more detailed look, feel free to contact me. Or maybe you are thinking about a blog yourself and have questions? Go on.

Blog, and what else?

Back to the work part of my life. This year I managed to complete my second degree studies “Computer Science and Econometrics”, with the help of which I have met many interesting people and I managed to convince myself to learn programming. I’ve made a few attempts before, but all of them ended very fast. However, it wasn’t so easy to create anything, I had to complete a free course on udemy, take a pyRevit course, do three python-related courses on sololearn, and complete a pygame course with my younger brother. All of this allowed me to write my first clunky game, of which I am as proud as a father of a son. I got so into it that I finally dared to write my master’s thesis based on libraries (for the uninitiated, semi-finished sets of functions that can be used for programming), which I had to learn on my own. Finally, with a slight slip and with constant thoughts “that such ideas will never happen again” I managed to finish the work entitled “Application of machine learning to predict deliberately starting a fire”. Fortunately, the topic was interesting, at least for me, so it was pleasant to write. I hope that I will be able to briefly summarize it’s results on the blog, because in my opinion they are interesting. You probably wouldn’t have thought that based on a dozen pieces of information on a given fire, the algorithm would be able to determine with 95% efficiency that you deliberately set fire to this building. [Picture 5.].

Picture 5. Results from my master’s thesis

After passing and freeing up my “capacity” I sat down to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I started writing an “addin” for revit, which would simplify a lot of boring clicking for me. The finale of this is my PYLAB overlay, which I hope I will push to a full-fledged version as soon as possible (current version is 0.2). Thanks to this I feel less like a monkey clicking through the next windows.. Parallel to my studies, I worked. In March, I changed the design office. Thanks to this, I have better conditions for development. I can learn from specialists at the highest level. Both in the BIM part and in the design of sanitary installations. I think that without this I would not have such motivation to constantly learn new things.

Picture 6. My addin PYLAB

In the non-blog aspect, the only thing I would like to improve is choosing priorities and not dealing with pointless browsing of social media. I think that if I added up all the hours I spent watching low-value content, I would easily collect 1/4 part time work.

A few words at the end

In conclusion, I would like to check if my girlfriend Martyna and the whole family read all the posts, as they swear. That is why I would like to thank my Martyna for this year, without whom I would not have a logo, and the website would not look very aesthetic. She is the one who endures several hours a week of silence when “I’m writing something on the computer”. She also pretends quite well to be interested in what the scripts/programs I write are doing. I would like to thank my parents for their interest. Especially since my Father, as an “old timer” in the industry, does not really believe in this whole “bims”. Mom reads all 🙂 Grandpa for sharing his great knowledge with me and always having time to talk. As they say, last but not least, thank you for reading, writing to me and, just like me, you are interested in constantly expanding your knowledge and competences.

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